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Hyeri and ryu jun yeol dating

hyeri and ryu jun yeol dating

screening of upcoming film, '. The reply 1988 ' couple, who admitted they were dating back in August of this year, caught the attention of many press affiliates as they appeared at the same public event. During the photo session, Ryu Joon Yeol commented on his expectations for the new movie, "I heard many good things about the movie, so I am looking forward.". I better call her dating kassel and ask.". Source Dispatch 1 2 so taek may have been the husband but it's ryu jun yeol who gets the girl irl whoo. I'm curious about her reaction.". When asked about her feedback on his recent film '. SEE also: Interview Ask anything and everything: Let us know your questions for IN2IT!

hyeri and ryu jun yeol dating

Not surprisingly, their new relationship has been met with a variety of reactions.
New celebrity couple alert!
On August 16, Ryu Jun Yeol s agenc y C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the reports that the actor is dating Girl s Day.
Update: Girl s Day s Hyeri And Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Confirme d To Be Dating Original Article: On August 16, Dispatch reported that Reply 1988.
Actor Ryu Jun Yeol sat down for press interviews on May 17 for the release of his upcoming film Believer.

Hyeri said, "I've been waiting to watch this film, I'm so excited.". Ryu Joon Yeol received questions about his girlfriend, hyeri. Ryu Joon Yeol and Hyeri confirmed to be dating back in August 2017. On May 17, Ryu Joon Yeol engaged in an interview in light of his new film '. Little Forest Ryu Joon Yeol playfully responded, "I'm not sure. The two are 7 years apart in age, hamburg dating lokal Hyeri being 23 year old and Ryu. On August 11th, Hyeri was also spotted visiting an apartment in Oksu, holding a red shopping bag, to meet up with him. Hyeri, ryu Joon Yeol. Back on November 20, actor, ryu Joon Yeol and, girl's Day 's. Ryu Joon Yeol shyly replied, "She hasn't seen it yet.

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