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Patreon dating daughter

patreon dating daughter

left it there in the code. Latest update:.17 (February 14th, 2018) Fixed some grammar and spelling errors Added day.0.16 Chp.2 So here is DMD.16. Final Words, i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for following me throughout 2017 during the development of the game. Playing with Ds nipples on the morning of Day 7 doesnt lead to game over anymore. Ill try to be as brief as possible. I've already sent them the details of these changes but they haven't replied me back yet. Removed game over massage day 7 night when touching pussy - Fixed police report not filling and going anyway (Day 10) - The first scene on the morning of Day 11 was changed a bit.

A few scenes planned for this update were pushed.17 due to lack of time. THE twist #3, Dating. Pulling, black Teen Over For Dating His Daughter, Kemp 2018: Try To Date. All of you have downloaded the game already, so this isnt really a problem for existing members. Since there won't be any mention of incest or family members in the game, I think they will agree to leave my page alone for the time being. Just the family-related words have been removed. Fixed some renders on Day 1 (Fs skin) - Fixed some renders on Day 2 (Fs skin) - Fixed some renders on Day 3 (Fs skin) - Fixed some renders on Day 4 (Fs skin) - Replaced some old dialogue from Day 1 and.

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Due to the fact we had only a little less than four weeks to work on DMD this month (as opposed to Melody.0.2 where we had five weeks there isnt as much content in v18 as in previous updates. Rules For Dating His Daughters, Game, android 18 My Sweet Neighbors, The Furry Dating. No, yes, use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. Walkthrough revised and Rewards unlock list added. A few scenes planned for this update were pushed.17 due to lack of time Unfortunately, I had to spend an entire week trying to fix some of the content.1, to adjust the game to the new Patreon guidelines. F fingering Es pussy in the spa (with animation). Other than that, nothing drastic has been changed from previous days. I've already fixed all the other links so if you want to download the entire game again, you can. Fixed bad renders during the pool hall game (Day 8) - Added condom offering scene (Day 8) - Removed game over at the beach when touching pussy massage.